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White Water Inn
6790 Moonstone Beach Dr. Cambria, CA 93428

Still more photos . . .

North Side M-S #2 View

On the left in the North Mini-Suite #2. To the right is the South Mini-Suite #2. Each has a private patio with a hot tub; each has a superb full ocean view.

North Side View

The North Side of the White Water Inn viewed from the front, showing the individual entryway to each room. Note the benches in front of the rooms. A pleasant place to sit and read, enjoy, or just relax.

From roof of M-S #1

Another view of the North building taken from the roof of Mini-Suite #1. Deer are often seen in the fields to the rear of the White Water Inn.

The office is directly in front of the white car (which belongs to our manager!).

The South Side of the White Water Inn viewed from the back parking area, showing the vast view of the pacific ocean.
Still more photos of the White Water Inn

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